Now we all know part of the beauty of Twitter is that you can basically tweet anything you want. From what TV show you're watching to how you feel about that person that cut you off when you were driving today, it's pretty much a free for all. Well, Miley Cyrus got a pretty interesting tweet this past weekend that has the former Hannah Montana actress pushing for Twitter to make some changes.

Right before Elton John's annual AIDS Foundation Academy Award viewing party, Miley received some pretty hateful tweets. No stranger to criticism, it wasn't that she had received the hateful tweets that bothered her, but more what they said. She had gotten death threats. As a response, Miley kept it classy tweeting, "U have nothing better 2 do than hate? That saddens me. I'm surrounded by love I'm sorry 4 whatever happened 2 make u so bitter." She makes a good point. No matter what your opinions are of Miley, the fact that someone was publicly tweeting that she should die is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, right? [via Huffington Post]

Well, Miley wants no part of it. She has made her opinion about it public saying that "Twitter should should take some responsibility and make it a safe environment." And with all the cyber-bullying news that's been around recently, she might be onto something. Part of what makes it so easy for bullies to bully over the internet are that it's often anonymous and it's essentially there forever. Even if you delete a tweet or a Facebook post, chances are someone has already seen it and the consequences of those affected are bound to last a lot longer.

Obviously social media is all about the ability to express ourselves. But when what we say can have serious consequences and cause harm, should there be somethings you just can't say?

So, I pose the question to you. Is Miley onto something: should Twitter be regulated? Or does it go against our right to express ourselves?