Lindsay Lohan has always been an easy target for the media, but lately we've been pleased to see that the news appears to be good. This morning the first part of an exclusive "comeback" interview with the Today show's Matt Lauer shows us a Lindsay that has her wits about her. See the video after the jump.

Lindsay seems at ease, even as she gets anything but warmth from Matt Lauer's dry questioning. Her face appears to be relaxing and it's good to see she's still pretty in pale. She says she's become a homebody, and politely declines to comment on her own habits' similarities to the late Whitney Houston (tacky, Matt Lauer), calling it "morbid and weird" to talk about that, because it is. I'm excited to see the full interview, which should be airing tomorrow. I can't help but just want LiLo to be okay, and it appears she's closer now than she has been in a long time. [via HuffPost]

How do you feel about this interview? Do you feel like the media will still be tough on her for awhile?

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