While most media outlets predicted that Beyoncé would be an ultra-private new mother, there have already been plenty of shots of her and Blue Ivy out on the town. And recently the singer really surprised people by breastfeeding in public!

While there were no photos of the occurrence, three sources reported that Beyoncé was at the Sant Ambroeus restaurant in NYC, and that she breastfed her daughter at the table, with a scarf over the baby. [via ONTD!]

I know that lots of people are weirded out by breastfeeding in public, but I say go for it! Why condemn mothers for performing a natural, ancient act? Some people may be miffed at the thought of exposed breasts, but ladies all have the things, which are there for the main purpose of nursing babies. So let's not act like they're shameful!

What do you think of Beyoncé breastfeeding in public?