Pain, betrayal, rejection, and sadness are all normal emotional responses one may suffer when going through a break-up. A new study has found a way to ease your emotional state after a break-up—a simple dose of paracetamol, an ingredient found in over the counter painkillers.

Neuroscientists at the University of California discovered that emotional pain is processed in the same area of the brain as physical pain, therefore, painkillers can be used to depress the negative feelings following a break-up. 

The three week study examined the response of people taking 1,000 mg of the painkiller Tylenol versus people taking a placebo. Those who were taking the Tylenol experienced a reduction of hurt feelings, while those taking the placebo continued to dwell on their break-up.

Dr Naomi Eisenberger, an assistant professor of social psychology at the University of California, warns people of taking painkillers to lessen the feelings associated with a traumatic experience, like a break-up, "Emotional pain is a healthy response, which teaches us not to repeat the behavior that has caused the pain, and dulling this hurt could impair recovery." 

Have you ever taken over the counter painkillers to dull your emotions? Will you start to?