Pinups have an indelible place in American history, from soldier's packs to high school boys' lockers. The truly vintage ones are so beautifully romanticized, we don't often stop to wonder who the inspirational models were, or how the postcard-esque portrayals came about. When I stumbled on these photos I was charmed and delighted. Looking at these adorable shots, rudimentary and low-budget, translated into full-on pinup paintings, you can't help but smile. 

It turns out the trimming of waists and exaggeration of busts isn't something invented by print-editors on Photoshop. Some ladies were altered more than others, but not so gratuitously as current-day magazine covers and bathing suit spreads. These ladies are, in their original shots, nothing short of beautiful, and it's really interesting to see what each one became. Check out our favorites below, and view the whole spread at Buzzfeed.

I don't know about you, but I'd love for someone to reinterpret me as a pinup girl. What do you think of these photos? Which are your favorites?