In an article I read today, it says that a study by the Harris poll found that 44 percent of women don't feel attractive without makeup on. Also, the study found that a quarter of the women started wearing makeup before age 13. It's pretty hard to feel completely confident without something that you've used daily for most your life.

But there might be some benefits of wearing less makeup, especially in the work setting. 

According to a study done in the UK, one out of every three bosses feel that women sometimes wear too much makeup to work.

Although it might be a hard concept to grasp, it really might be worth it. Plus, you won't be the only one wearing less face paint. Recently, stars such as Julianne Hough, Marion Cotillard and Bar Refaeli have been seen out and about without makeup. 

Maybe we should follow their lead and embrace our natural beauty. We shouldn't necessarily "need" our makeup. 

What do you think about the "need" for makeup? Do you ever go makeup free?