Much has been said about Angelina Jolie's revealing Oscar dress. So much, in fact, that her leg now has its own Twitter. But does lots of buzz about one great gam mean the outfit was actually awesome?

Personally, I think Angie looks incredibly awkward in every gallery shot here. Naturally her face and hair are stunning, but what's with the stance? It's as if she's trying too hard to make us notice the obvious: yep, that's a gigantic slit in her dress, and yep, that's a nice leg. It's the equivalent of when I (a big-chested girl) used to stand up unnaturally straight in high school to flaunt my goods. That game wasn't fooling anyone, and I looked really strange!

I can't quite tell if it's the cut of the dress or Angie's constant stance that makes it unappealing. But I'm suspecting that it's the latter, and think she may have ruined a great outfit with an odd pose! [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of Angelina's dress?