Today, I was browsing Refinery 29's interview with the lovely Evan Rachel Wood, and in it, she admits that she washes her face with olive oil, and maybe...possibly...even bathes in it (I'm still not sure if that was an exaggeration or admittance). This cooking essential turned beauty staple made me wonder — how far (or weird) will you go for beauty?

I've had my fair share of at-home beauty trials (but mostly errors). There was that time I plastered an ungodly, messy honey and cooked oatmeal mixture all over my face, that other time that I applied a mashed banana to my hair (that was just...ew.), and then that time I tried to use Veet and almost burnt a layer of skin off because I kept the cream on too long. I even tried laser hair removal which effectively felt like I was getting repeatedly snapped by a red-hot rubber band, and it ended up doing nothing for me. So I guess what I'm saying is I can never keep up with all these newfangled beauty trends and when I try to, my luck is not—shall we say—favorable.

In a world women are poked, prodded, and introduced to beauty "fixes" that I can't imagine undergoing, how far would you go or have you gone in the name of beauty? Would you stick with home remedies or commit to bigger, more extensive procedures? What beauty regimens are you willing to stick with?

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