There are several things about this that are terrifying to me.

As if Facebook doesn't reign supremely enough in this day in age, it's now the source of a new identity card, which Tobias Leingruber, a Mozilla worker, is hoping to establish in lieu of government issued IDs. Really? Seems like a long shot to me.

And, you know, I have some grievances. One, I don't even entirely understand exactly how the cards work, and the FB Bureau — you heard me — doesn't do the best job of explaining. What I did glean from the site, is that the IDs will be scannable and linked back to your Facebook page so that authorities will be able to verify that you are who you say you are by checking out your FB info. Well, border control, I'm not really Bolshevist, as my Facebook page says I am, so we're going to have to an awkward conversation about my political affiliation. Just warning you.

The fact that Facebook has the potential to have as much or more clout than our government is very off-putting. And like, what's wrong with the run of the mill government-issued IDs? Are they too old fashioned for you? Are they too 2011? The internet itself is very powerful, and I'm sure it will continue to become more influential whether or not the FB ID is accepted or not. But the internet is such a far reaching place—to give it the authority to validate our existence doesn't really sit right with me.

Maybe I'm being a stick in the mud, but when did Facebook get so serious? [via Buzzfeed, FB Bureau]

Would you Lovelies get (and use!) a Facebook identification card?