Didn't see this one coming, and I can't decide whether it's a good idea or a really unnecessary one.

Here's the deal: people who suffer from severe allergies (read: anything to which exposure causes one to become completely unresponsive) or simply have strict medical guidelines have started to get tattoos detailing their allergies and/or requests as opposed to wearing a bracelet or necklace of old. Dr Ed Friedlander (pictured above), a Kansas City pathologist and a proponent of medical tattooing, has "No CPR" etched into his chest — a message to any paramedic that may try to resuscitate him should his heart stop, simply saying "Don't bother". Kind of depressing.

I can see the good in this, though — it's a preventative measure that's always with you (forever and ever....and ever), and will hopefully be helpful should any related crises occur.

But then, there's a few hitches. For one, there's no designated placement of these tattoos (though the wrist seems like a popular place), so it's not guaranteed that medical personnel would be able to see them and act accordingly. Secondly, there is not one standard tattoo for each ailment — each person has creative freedom to design their tattoos, so the message of some might not be as easily understood as others. And then, even if the tattoo is seen and understood, there seems to be no legitimate law binding paramedics to abide by it. So if Joe the paramedic wants to resuscitate Dr. Friedlander up there, he kind of... maybe... just.... can.

While it does make sense to get a permanent warning for a permanent problem, it seems a little drastic, given that one could simply wear a necklace or bracelet that would cost much less. Either way, there needs to be some guidelines or uniformity so there is less room for error. (via ABC News)

Check out the medical tattoo gallery below.

Would you Lovelies get medical warnings tattooed on your body?