An online trading exchange called Intrade has correctly predicted the winners of 11 out of the 12 Academy Awards for the past two years.  It got Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and one of the Best Directors right (2009 was right, 2010 was wrong).

So we thought it might be helpful to share who Intrade is predicting for tonight's winners, so you can seem like a genius when watching it with your friends!  All the predicted winners are in the gallery below as well:

Best Picture, 2012: The Artist, 92.8% chance of winning
Best Actor, 2012: Jean Dujardin (The Artist), 69.9% chance of winning.  (George Clooney is second, with an 18.1% chance of winning)
Best Actress, 2012: Viola Davis (The Help), 67% chance of winning.  (Meryl Streep from Iron Lady is second, with a 31.5% chance of winning)
Best Supporting Actor, 2012: Christopher Plummer (The Beginners), 94.6% chance of winning
Best Supporting Actress, 2012: Octavia Spencer (The Help), 93.9% chance of winning
Best Director, 2012: Michael Hazanavicius (The Artist), 85% chance of winning

While we're at it, Rango has a 87.1% chance of winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature this year.

So in short: The Artist is likely to win at least two major Academy Awards this year (if not three), and The Help has a lock on at least one major Oscar of its own (and possibly two!).

What do you think of these predictions?  Who do you have picked to win the Oscars this year?

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