You know, I don't think twice about asking my boyfriend to do the dishes or grab something at the grocery store. We clean up our own messes, do laundry together, and we both work full time, and we split checks at restaurants more often than not. We live in a society that at least tries to value men and women equally, which is why a show like Mad Men is so popular right now; seeing where we were as a society a mere handful of decades ago is at best enlightening — at worst it's just plain upsetting. If you had any doubts about the landmark times we're living in, these vintage advertisements might help. 

I just wonder how some of these were ever okay. I suppose the one above is designed to be... humorous? Ha... ha... yeah, nope. [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of these ads? Will we look back in 60 years and lament the things we accept as normal now? Which of these ads is most surprising to you?