Although some people believe that magazines are a fading medium, they are still being read by a lot of people. According to the 2011-2012 Magazine Media Factbook, magazine audiences are growing. Young adults are reading more and more magazines. Ninety-three percent of adults read magazines, with 97 percent of those readers being under age 24.

What does all of this mean?

 It means that young people still love to read their magazines. Magazines are written for specific audiences, and they specialize their content to fit these audiences. A magazine does well if it makes its readers happy. Ask anyone what their favorite magazine is, and he or she will probably think of one immediately. People read magazines to relax, to learn new things and to feel like they are part of a special group, among many other reasons.

There are many fashion and beauty magazines targeted at women, so I decided to investigate them. I, myself, am subscribed to three fashion and beauty magazines. I was very surprised to find that only one of them (Cosmopolitan) is in the top five. According to the Consumer Media Advertising Source, the top five fashion and beauty magazines are Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, InStyle and Vogue. 

1. Cosmopolitan has a total circulation 6-month average of 3,032,211, with each issue costing $3.99.

2. Glamour has a total circulation 6-month average of 2,304,146, with each issue costing $3.99.

3. Redbook has a total circulation 6-month average of 2,211,659, with each issue costing $3.99.

4. InStyle has a total circulation 6-month average of 1,713,802, with each issue costing $3.99.

5. Vogue has a total circulation 6-month average of 1,248,121, with each issue costing $4.99.

I was very surprised that Vogue was not number one, with it being considered a "fashion bible" by many. I was also a little shocked that Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Lucky didn't make the cut.

Are you surprised by the top five magazines? What magazines do you like to read? 

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