We know Lindsay Lohan is feeling optimistic lately. According to her twitter, things are looking up. And while the majority of publications still want to find any reason to rag on LiLo because, well, they've had a lot of practice at it, I'm kind of hoping this fake-bake-less Lindsay is part of her new image. 

While attending an opening of Terry Richardson's photography in Hollywood, Lindsay donned an adorable dress and, while many are poking fun at her blotchy tan, a) it's no match for Christina Aguilera's strange tan(?) mishap at Etta James' funeral and b) I'm happy to see that she appears to have some meat on her bones for a change. I have to admit I do think she's overdone it on the facial fillers, but that's not permanent, and maybe she just got a little carried away in comeback mode. I think we're dealing with a girl who just needs a fresh start, and we should cut her some slack. Could the no-tan look be a step towards going back to her natural auburn? We can dream, can't we? [via dailymail]

What do you think of Lindsay's new look? Do you think she's showing promising signs of improvement? Do you prefer her pale or tan?