If ever I'm stressed or need to clear my head, I admit that walking around a mall is often the best remedy. Lately I've found myself perusing the clothing racks, only to find myself magnetically drawn to the accessories sections in stores. Why? Because the jewelry for spring transcends the lines of just jewelry. We're seeing pieces that could be mistaken for garment details, ideal for warm-weather layering. It started last year with detachable collars, and while those aren't going anywhere, my favorite new trend is the fringe necklace

With the trends that have already been realized in recent seasons, including pattern mixing, bright colors, and tribal print, it's safe to say we could sum up the current runway aesthetic in one word: busy. We're busy folks, we like busy clothes. High fashion right now is all about restrained decadence, a delicately edited form of extreme luxury, and the trickle-down effect has resulted in these smocks of color. Some are truly "tassels" in terms of fringe, while some channel Native American beaded jewelry, while still others focus on luxuriously colored metals. Whatever your aesthetic of choice, the fringe necklace can find a place in your wardrobe.

This fringe necklace from Bonadrag is up there in the investment-piece category. At $210, it's not in everyone's budget, but it's a beautiful example of this interesting trend. 

Don't have crazy bucks to throw around on a passing trend? Me neither. That's why Forever 21 is so awesome. This is just one of their amazing additions to this trend, and at $6.80, I seriously encourage you to look around there if this style interests you. They have a ton.

Bead & Metal Fringe Bib Necklace, $18.00 from Nordstrom

I really enjoy the southwest influence in this. I also like that it sits higher and can be worn as a more functional piece, transitioning from an accessory to wear with a t-shirt to one that could be worn with a collared shirt to work.

The fringe necklace trend doesn't have to mean a '70s throwback aesthetic all the time, either. This handmade copper fringe necklace from Etsy seller jamespinello is a perfect example of how the shape can complement a neckline on a garment in a way that most necklaces can't. This necklace will set you back $70.

Finally, the lead photo is of a necklace by Etsy seller iheartnorwegianwood, and I absolutely love the size and colors of her necklaces. Priced at $65, it's called the "Maximum Fringe Necklace" for a reason.

I'm loving the broad view designers are taking on accessories and jewelry lately, making it hard to always draw the distinction between each. Fringe necklaces are, to me, just another creative way to layer, and I'm always looking for ways to achieve a layered look in the summer months. These superbly complement a tank top or sundress, much better than a scarf or a blazer would when it's hot. I'm all about options, and this trend is all about creativity.

What do you think of fringe necklaces? Do you think there's one out there for you?

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