We're always hearing the endless grievances about kids growing up too fast these days — what with oversexed media, cellphones and moms giving their 7-year-old daughters coupons for breast implants. And although the coupon thing still takes the absolute, no competition cake when it comes to parents enabling their children to be 7 going on 30, this new fad closes the gap a little in my mind. What is it, you ask? Babyccinos.

That's right. Starter coffee drinks for your little tater tot. Kill me.

The idea was originally this: moms on-the-go could order a little cup of steamed milk and foam for their child to sip while they enjoyed their much bigger, much more caffeinated beverage. That I can get down with. I've heard more than one child screaming something worse than bloody murder in a coffee shop, so if a little steamed milk keeps my hearing intact, by all means, give it to them.  But now, some moms have decided that a shot of decaf espresso is a necessary addition to their child's morning drink. Which, in all likelihood, will not hurt them, but it's the idea that kids might develop a preference for coffee at 2-years-old that seems a little, you know, not right.

What happened to juice? What happened to water? What happened to...any other normal "I'm a baby" drink? If, in a few years, I find myself at a Starbucks, standing in line behind an 8-year-old who orders a red eye, I'm out. (via TODAYMoms)

What do you Lovelies think of the idea of "babyccinos"?