Wearing red and pink together was such a "no-no" for such a long time as was pairing black and navy in the same look. But no longer do we have to abide by such rules, and I'm guessing, since my Grandma's bedroom was mostly pink and red, these two colors were at one time, a happy duo. My Grandma had impeccable taste... well, it may have been over the top, but it was always stylish. Instead of wearing an entirely red and pink outfit though, I threw in some neutrals to break it up a bit and added the royal blue with the same intensity just for fun.

What I'm Wearing

* Vintage hot pink tunic button down blouse.
* Burberry shorty trench coat.
* Boyfriend jeans from Victoria's Secret.
* Two vintage necklaces, layered.
* Earrings Kenneth Jay Lane {I think} from GILT.
* Vintage sunglasses.
* Kate Spade red crocodile tote bag.
* Blue suede pumps from Aldo.

* Hair: I really couldn't be bothered so I pulled it into a high ponytail on the top of my head but instead of wrapping the the elastic around an entire third time, I only pulled half my hair through.

The husband and I have been catching the sun just before it sets lately, which is making for some lovely sun-spotted photos.

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Lovelies, what infrequently paired colors do you often wear together?

Guest post from ...love Maegan