With the Oscars approaching this Sunday, it has a lot of people guessing who will be taking home the golden statue. Will George Clooney take home Best Actor? Who will win Best Picture? And will Octavia Spencer continue her award streak for Best Supporting Actress? Either way whoever wins, there's one prediction in my opinion that isn't asked enough: what will they do to celebrate?

Well, if you ask Octavia Spencer, she already has her post-award show celebration locked down and planned out. Sure, there's still a chance she won't win but let's be serious. Did you see her performance? Already a Golden Globe, SAG, and BAFTA (among others) award winner for this year's huge success The Help she announced that she would be getting a little, uh, help from some plastic surgery. Yep, Octavia announced that sometime after this year's Oscar's she will be receiving a breast lift. [via US Weekly]

While Octavia's plans are little more on the extreme side of things, if it's something that she wants and will make her happy, I say good for her. But her revelation got me thinking. If I were to win an Oscar, what would I do? Would I celebrate with a trip, or buy myself something expensive? Or would the award and recognition just simply be enough?

So, Lovelies, I pose the question to you. If you won an Oscar, what would you do to celebrate?