Reese Witherspoon showed up to a press conference for her new movie, This Means War, wearing a bright pink dress and black tights. Did she hit the mark with this dress? 

I don't think she did. 

The dress is designed to accentuate her curves, but I think it just makes her look bigger than she really is. The style doesn't scream Reese Witherspoon. It seems a bit young for her, and the tights just seem to blend into her shoes and the background. 

I think the dress wouldn't be so bad without the tights. She probably could've found a cuter pink dress to wear. She normally has great style, but I think the tights were just over-the-top this time.

Check out her usual styles below.

Do you think Reese rocked the pink frock, or did she commit a fashion no-no? What do you think of her usual style?