Much has been said about Zooey Deschanel's "quirky girl" persona. Some love and relate to it, while others see her as an obnoxious manic pixie dream girl. But Zooey is not the first of her kind, and she also knows how to poke fun at the label Hollywood has on her. We previously covered her hilarious, tongue-in-cheek "Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel" Saturday Night Live sketch.  It's also below the cut, to save you a click - check it out, and then peruse a gallery of quirky girls (some courtesy of Huffington Post, some not) from years past!

While I may have previously been turned off by Zooey's personality, there's nothing funnier (or more endearing) than someone who can poke fun at themselves. Darn you, Zooey; I think you may have won me over! The abundance of vintage dresses don't hurt, either.

While Deschanel seems to get a bad "quirky girl" rap, as you can see from the gallery, the trope has been around for a long time. So learn to love it, ignore it or find a new, budding stereotype to crush!

What do you think of the "quirky girl" character?