All I can ask is why? There are some things in life I just don't understand. The fact that Paris Hilton still thinks she's capable of a music career is making its way into my top five. She released a self-titled album back in 2006 and the heiress is at it again. Today marks the day yet another single from Paris Hilton makes its way into our lives. The single is titled 'Drunk Text' and after a listen, it definitely makes you want to have a drink. Or maybe it's just me.

Granted some of today's music uses auto-tune a lot and doesn't really sound like an actual person singing, Paris takes the opposite approach and basically just talks her way through a song using that nasaly voice. There's really no melody, or point to the song, or purpose, except for her telling us what a night out in a club is like. You know, in case we we're unaware. She also of course talks about drunk texting, hence the title. This part I get. We all know someone who has done it, seen it in a movie, or maybe even experienced the art of the drunk text ourselves. But there is no need for Paris Hilton to be singing talking to us about it. None!

Do you see my point now? Why does she keep doing this to us? But better yet, why did I listen to it and write about it? Either way I bet you wish you could have those three minutes back right? Me too, I'm truly Sorry.

What's the verdict? Should she give up singing forever? Or am I just too critical of her?