I tend to be embarrassingly bad about getting haircuts (I work a lot and often can't find time for them), but my locks also like to grow at a fast rate. So, while I like having bangs, they're usually too long too soon. Could baby bangs be the answer?

Here is a photo of me, for reference:

I've rocked Zooey-esque bangs for years, but once they grow out I tend to trim them in my bathroom, often with disastrous results. (The photo above was one of the only ones not untagged by me from that night. All the rest were ruined by my at-home salon job.) And, while I know that a professional bang trim would be cheap and easy, my hair grows so fast that I would be in every other week. With my schedule, that's just not an option.

I'm sure that some of you are inclined to tell me to just grow out my bangs and live without them. But what if I tried going shorter with baby bangs? I also tend to rock a lot of vintage duds, which work pretty well with their look. Check out the gallery of celebrities with the haircut, and give me some input!