Last week I posted this outfit that I wore to NYFW Day 3. After posting it, I was inspired by LoveBrownSugar's Facebook friend Juliette to post this tutorial about how I did my Milkmaid Twisted Messy Pin Up Thingy. Yes, I made up that name. No, it's not hard to do.

What You'll Need:

Fine Tooth Comb
Your Favorite Styler (Gel or Curl Creme)
Hair Pins
Bobby Pins

As a disclaimer, my hair was "assisted" for this look by a sew-in weave that I had in for about 4 weeks as a protective style. I used the Kinky-Curly textured hair from True Indian Hair in 14-inch and had it sew-in so that my edges were left out all around. That allowed me a lot of versatility for styles like this.

Step 1:  The first step is to split hair into sections and moisturize before applying your favorite styler. Curly girls, if you have shorter length hair, consider doing a blowout for maximum stretch. I applied Morrocan Oil Curl Defining Creme to two sections of my hair.

Step 2: Use a fine-toothed comb to separate the hair neatly into two sections. Starting from the temple, flat twist each section going backward towards the nape. Twist until the very ends of the hair. Use hair pins to conceal strays.

Continue reading the rest of the steps here...

Lovelies, do you ever twist up your hair? What's your current favorite up do?

Guest post from Love Brown Sugar