Why would a beautiful teenaged girl get over 100 silicon injections in her lips to look like Jessica Rabbit?

Buxom beauty Jessica Rabbit, from the noir-animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit, has inspired everything from cosplay to cartoon lust. She's also been the symbol of the ideal woman for a 22-year-old nail technician from St. Petersburg, Russia. Kristina Rel always felt insecure about the size of her lips. As a child she was bullied and dubbed ugly by her schoolmates. The young woman dreamed about a plumper pout for years, and when she finally turned 17-years-old she had her first lip enhancement.

Since then, Kristina has gotten over 100 silicone injections in her lips — spending over $6,000 on the procedure. She'll keep doing it too, in order to maintain her title as the person with the world's biggest lips. "I want to go more extreme. I want to look like a cartoon character. I’m addicted to it. I love it," she has said. Kristina isn't done achieving her goals. She plans on getting a nose, breast, and ear augmentation ...

At first, we were outraged at the men who created Jessica Rabbit.  One fan calculated her measurements as 38, 17, 34... and her cup size as size N.  Ridiculous, right?  Here she is being introduced in Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

But then again, if you read the article... it's pretty clear that Kristina Rel has severe body dysmorphia: "a type of mental illness ... wherein the affected person is exclusively concerned with body image, manifested as excessive concern about and preoccupation with a perceived defect of their physical features.  The person complains of a defect in either one feature or several features of their body; or vaguely complains about their general appearance, which causes psychological distress that impairs either occupational or social functioning, or both."

People with body dysmorphia often become addicted to plastic surgery.  In other words, it's possible that Jessica Rabbit is getting framed again — this time as the cause of this woman's severe mental illness and plastic surgery addiction.

The saddest part of all?  Kristina Rel used to be a beautiful young woman. Here she is at 15 years of age:

Here's what she looks like 100 silicone injections later:

You can view the rest of her silicone-enhanced pictures in the gallery below.

Around the net, people seem to be of two minds.  1) "Some people just don't realize the importance of inner beauty. They let other people define what is beautiful and what is not while they desperately try to compensate just to get attention. This young lady is now a caricature of a fictional character instead of just being her own individual." Or 2) "I believe she is expressing her way as a unique individual ; just as all of us are expressing ourselves in our daily lives. Just because she likes looking like a cartoon doesnt make her weird, it makes her independent and self confident."

What do you think: is Jessica Rabbit 2.0 just insecure and trying to get attention?  Or are her surgeries just a way for her to express herself as an individual?  Or is she suffering from body dysmorphia and needs help from trained medical professionals?