I love all kinds of art — from paintings to photographs to art prints — and hope to have an entire house full of art hanging on my walls one day. It's such a great way to personalize and bring color into your space.

Art isn't always affordable, however, so I've compiled my top 15 ideas for cool art ideas on the cheap!

A. Do It Yourself

1) Create large text painting with black shoe polish

Alisa Burke

2) DIY Abstract Art

Oh Happy Day

3) Create art using paint chips

Our 1st Nest

4) DIY Potato Print Art

Oh Happy Day (via Pinterest)

B. Enlarging Images

5) Enlarge the cover of a favorite or vintage book

Little Green Notebook (via Pinterest)

6) Enlarge a black and white photograph on blueprint paper for $4

Little Green Notebook

7) Photograph something small that has meaning like a letter, and blow it up

Little Green Notebook

8) Enlarge one of your own photographs, or take one of the clouds

Amber Interior Design

C. Frames Can Turn Almost Anything into Art

9) Frame Oversized paper

Little Green Notebook (via Pinterest)

10) Frame pages from a calendar

The Indigo Bunting (via Pinterest)

11) Frame pages from a beautiful book

Little Lovely (via Pinterest)

12) Frame an assortment of fabric

Made By Girl (via Pinterest)

13) Frame a large piece of fabric

Mackenzie Horan

You can frame fabric in inexpensive Ikea frames, in vintage wood frames, or even stretch it out over canvas. Interesting patterns like suzani, ikat, or otomi always look great, but the options are really limitless!

14) Frame scrapbook paper

Young House Love

15) Hang empty vintage frames from thrift stores and flea markets

I Love All The Pretty Little Things (via Pinterest)

What kind of art do you have hanging on your walls?  Would you try any of this DIY, Enlarged Images or Framed Arts on your walls?