You might remember last week's little controversy about how Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue cover girl Kate Upton was called a lot of not-nice things by a bigwig at Victoria's Secret. The model was reduced to a "face anyone with enough money could go out and buy," which sounds pretty vicious to us, but the 19-year-old full-time model appears to be totally unfazed by her critics, and moreover a totally awesome and down-to-earth girl. Check out the video after the jump. 

So, to recap: Kate Upton thinks it's cool that Victoria's Secret bully Sophia Neophitou wants to go out and buy her face, she views — with a laugh — being called a "footballer's wife" is a sign she's in a league with models like Gisele, and oh yeah — she can Dougie with the best of 'em. I don't know about you, but I wasn't that cool and self-assured at age 19, and I don't think she's so common in her dead-on bombshell looks. She might be commercial, but she's really perfect for what she's aiming for: sexy, cute, and confident. The funniest point to me is that I didn't realize she a) had already modeled for VS, and b) never auditioned for their runway show. The rude commentary from Neophitou was totally unsolicited. I'd say I'm team Kate on this one, but it doesn't appear that she let the comments shake her, like, at all. So kudos to her. [via HuffPost]

What do you think of Kate Upton keeping cool in the spotlight?