Jennifer Aniston just became the first Friend to get a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Controversy immediately erupted online, with people claiming that Jennifer's post-Friends resume isn't Walk of Fame worthy.  Here is a list of all of Jen's movies after Friends wrapped in 2004:

* Wanderlust
* Horrible Bosses
* Just Go with It
* The Switch
* The Bounty Hunter
* Love Happens
* He's Just Not That Into You
* Marley & Me
* Management
* The Break-Up
* Friends with Money
* Rumor Has It...
* Derailed

She's also appeared on 30 Rock, Cougar Town and Dirt.

What's your verdict: did Jen's post-Friends work earn her a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame?  Or is Rachel Green so iconic that she earned her star over the course of her decade on Friends?