Are you constantly glued to your cell phone? Do you need to check it every few minutes and bring it everywhere with you? Is it your bedmate? Do you fear being without it? Well, you're not alone. 

The fear of being without your cell is called "nomophobia" and a new survey finds that some people are seriously concerned about being away from their phones. OnePoll surveyed 1,000 working adults in the UK and found that 66 percent of them fear losing or being away from their cell phone. The survey found that women are more nomophobic than men, and that people 18-24 are the most nomophobic of all—a staggering 77 percent admit to being fearful of being away from their mobile device. 

I am far from nomophobic. I rarely know where my phone is, and my friends often accuse me of ignoring their calls and texts when in reality, my phone is usually far from my reach. I know plenty of people who rely on their cell phones for everything and feel completely lost without them. It seems as if being connected to Facebook and Twitter is more important to some people than actual human interaction.

Do you think you have nomophobia? Could you live a day without your cell phone for a day?