I often endorse fashion trends that are a little... out there. I love experimenting with cool things that, by design, don't appeal to everyone. That's the beauty of fashion trends, that each one has the possibility to appeal to a lot of folks or just a daring few, but lovelies, I am on the fence about harnesses as a fashion statement. Am I in the dark on this trend, or is it just S&M for the everyday? 

I mean, I get it as high fashion. I'm all about mixing the good girl with the bad girl a bit, and that's where fashion has been heading and hanging out lately. But the practical application of a harness — like the thought of waking up in the morning, even as a fashion-forward gal — and thinking, "Today is a great day to pop on my harness!" ...is pretty much out of my realm of consciousness. I think of it as an accentuation of assets at best, and in that regard I can imagine any harness that looks daring and kooky on a board-thin model would look pretty naughty on a girl with any shape at all...which could be either a good or bad thing.

Supposing one went ahead and bought a harness: Do you throw it on with a t-shirt? A sun dress? A button-down? I actually have a moral quandary about things I could never style properly. Le sigh, lovelies. Am I just an uptight little lady who can't possibly grasp the thought of a bondage accessory as everyday fashion? Or is this a piece that should just stay on the runway and in editorial spreads? Take a look at the harness (belt?) in action and tell us:

Is the harness trend cool and daring? Or icky and weird?

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