My birthday is coming up in less than a month, thus making it that "reflect on one's childhood" time of year. Looking back, it seems that most of my adolescence was (sadly?) defined by the games and toys I played with. I still get a mini-emotional high when recalling my extreme happiness at getting a Game Boy. I remember how cool I felt when Tamagotchis became popular after I was the first kid in my class to have one (that may have been my one and only hip moment in middle school). I do view my obsessive Neopets phase with some embarrassment and regret, since it found me glued to the computer for the majority of my evenings, but I also remember bonding with friends over our virtual creatures. Buzzfeed has been on its own nostalgia kick lately, and has compiled a list of toys that will probably take readers back. Check out a gallery of them after the cut, and let us know what your favorite ones were!

Obviously, this list is brief. So tell us, Lovelies, what toys and games did you play with as a child?