We've seen plenty of ways that celebrities proved that more isn't always more on the red carpet. The Grammys were a great display of what happens when the need to get noticed overwhelms one's better style judgment (cyborg arm, anyone?), but the majority of early spring celeb-style show stoppers have been delightfully simple. Take Blake Lively's look above for example. She is widely known as a star who doesn't have a hired stylist, but it doesn't seem to be hampering her here, in a perfectly tailored coat-dress with subtle pink accessories. I love this look — she's so beautiful anyway — and I think there are some others who deserve some credit for simple style through exquisite editing

Adele's Gramophones dress was a breathtaking exception to the casual take on this year's red carpet on the whole. She was positively stunning. Take a look at our other picks for some recent looks that embodied effortless elegance.

Which ones are you a fan of? Are there any we missed?