I have a classmate that sported a funky looking hair cut. She had dyed her hair strawberry red and I thought it suited her fine. Her skin complemented the vibrant color, so it was easy on the eyes.

But then she got tired of it because she saw someone else sporting the color. She wanted something different, something that would be more difficult to replicate. I asked her what she was going to do with her hair but she didn't say anything because apparently she thought that I would sport the same hair dye as well. Which of course would never happen but I guess she liked to think that a lot of people would bother to copy her style.

Anyways, she said that she was going to change her hair color during the weekend because she wanted it to be a surprise. So, a week passed and we're in choir class. 

I see a girl with a pixie-styled hair cut and I thought to myself, "Another student joined the choir?". I saw her drop her pen and went to help her pick it up, because I saw that she was having difficulty to do so because she was wearing pretty high platform boots. When I picked up the pen and looked up at her... I was surprised to see that the girl was actually my classmate! I looked at her hair and she had it dyed brown, I thought it looked okay but I thought that she was going to do something far more... extravagant? I complimented her new hair style and then she gave me an insecure look mixed with the stink eye.

Was it something I said?

Later she went up to me and explained to me what she was actually planning to do to her hair. She was bleaching her hair with the lowest level of peroxide (20); she wanted her hair blonde so that she could then dye it with other colors like blue, pink, silver and what not. Apparently, it didn't go as well as she planned, as when she began to bleach her hair she said that her hair "melted". She freaked out and chopped it all off.  Then she freaked out even more because she had done an awful mistake by cutting her hair all crazy-like. She had to go to a beauty salon right away to get it fixed, so they just fixed her hair cut and evened it out into a nice pixie cut and then they dyed her hair light brown, which I think compliments her quite well.

You can be sure that she won't do something like this ever again, the girl was traumatized. She wanted to "wow" everyone with her rainbow-inspired hair but instead tasted the bitter taste of fail.  This is was her main idea, but unfortunately it didn't go as well as she hoped.

She doesn't like her haircut very much, especially since she had to chop off her beautiful long hair. She doesn't want to hear the word "dye" or "bleached" for a long time.

We all do things that sometimes end up a horrible mistake. Heck, I've done crazy things myself with my hair.  But never had I thought of doing something like what she was going to do. I like colors but that kind of style is just too colorful for my taste.  Although there are plenty of women, I'm sure, that do sport it quite well.

Have you ever had a bad experience with the process of bleaching your hair? How did you deal with your negative experience?