I've always been pretty boring when it comes to my selection of nail polish color. I typically stick to nude colors like Essie's Sugar Daddy or Pound Cake, or dark colors like Chanel's Vamp or Essie's Wicked. There seems to be a huge trend in nail art lately, and some of the designs can really get out there. But these beautiful designs that look like I could even attempt myself are tempting me to give nail art a try!

1. Pastel French Tips via The Looks for Less

2. Essie Tart Deco via Pshiiit

3. Essie Orange It's Obvious and Navigate Her via Pshiiit

4. OPI Pink Friday via chalkboardnails

5. Ladylike Heart via Essie's Facebook

6. Glitter Nailpolish via thewanderingartist

7. Confetti Nails via Makeupalley

8. Mermaid Mails via CupcakesandCashmere

9. Purple Gradient via frmheadtotoe

Have you tried nail art?