Science has finally caught up with Hollywood: scientists have come up with a pill that they hope will let you target and forget a specific memory. Yup, it's the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in pill form.

I would love to forget memories from my past. A while ago, I was attacked while walking home from the subway. For two years after that, I felt constantly paranoid while walking about in public — even in broad daylight! It would've been nice to be able to take a pill and not suffer for those two years.

I wonder though: if people started erasing the traumas of their pasts, would we lose something?

It's one thing to treat PTSD with a pill; what if you just want to remove memories of an ex? Or an embarrassing memory from your childhood? It's Eternal Sunshine all over again.

All that said, this breakthrough begs the question: if you could forget one memory from your past, what would it be?