Celebrities come and go, but the ones who have remained relevant over the years are those who have adapted to changing times. While we love to watch young misfits in the Hollywood spotlight, if a celeb stays a hot mess too far into her twenties we start to get a little unnerved. Here are some of my favorite ladies who proved that growing up gracefully has been the ticket to sustainable style. 

Some readers might not remember the old days of No Doubt. Gwen Stefani — let's make no bones about this — has always been absolutely gorgeous. She was able to rock some crazy looks and some daring hairstyles because everything centered on that pretty face and kickin' body. She's proven not only that her musical tastes can evolve, but that her fashion prowess can stand the test of time, too.

Ashlee Simpson's initial marketing angle was her stark contrast against her very blonde and very girly sister, Jessica. On her show in the early 2000s she "shocked" her parents by dyeing her hair black and chopping it off. Whether it was all for show or not, she was a dead ringer for a confused teenager looking for her identity and stumbling through adolescence. She's managed to hold onto her alternative style and interests over the years, but has grown into a very graceful girl. Her hairstyles are always among my favorites.

I think my favorite style evolution has been that of Kelly Osbourne. I used to get the biggest kick out of The Osbournes (even though in hindsight Ozzy was clearly not okay). Either way, Kelly's style has kept her in the spotlight and on red carpets after she lost a bit of weight and glammed up. You can tell she really enjoys feeling pretty getting her picture taken at big events, and it's still awesome to look back at her early 2000s scenester style. Ah, I remember having those bangs...

We can't talk about celebrities who grew up gracefully without mentioning the always lovely and always stylish Emma Watson. I know I'm not alone in my love for her here on Lovelyish. She grabbed my (hairdresser) attention when she opted to crop back in 2010, and she's had me glued ever since. Her style is always young and experimental, and her confidence and poise are undeniable. She so tactfully shook the Hermione Granger image after the Harry Potter series ended, I doubt she'll be off our radar any time soon.

Who are your favorite celebrities who've stood the test of times? Take a look at some of my other favorites in the gallery, and please share your favorites in the comments!