There are a number of female celebrities that most women seem to find pretty, cute, or adorable... but most men don't. Certainly all these women are attractive, but what makes them more attractive to other women than they do to men?

Check out my picks!

Rachel McAdams - She was awesome in The Notebook, but she was equally as awesome in Mean Girls. She has an amazing smile and the most adorable dimples. A friend of mine met Rachel at a small party, and said she is absolutely stunning in person.

Rachel Bilson - Rachel Bilson is as cute as a button and admired by tons of women for her fashion sense.

Kate Hudson - Kate is the quintessential golden California girl.

Kristen Bell - I loved Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars, and her recent sloth video only made me love her more!

Gwyneth Paltrow - Gwyneth is often likened to a modern Grace Kelly. She's a talented actress, singer, and I think she always looks fabulous.

Zooey Deschanel - Who doesn't think Zooey isn't quirky and cute?

Anne Hathaway - How awesome did she look in The Devil Wears Prada? Anne has always carried herself with a grace and maturity beyond her years.

Emma Watson - I love Emma's pixie cut, but most men are not fans of the pixie cuts I love on Emma, Michelle Williams, and Carey Mulligan.

Kate Moss - Kate has had a troubled past but she's always been one of my favorite models. She's a chameleon that photographs amazingly, and her sense of style is to die for.

These women are obviously beautiful, but men don't tend to be as drawn to them as women are.

Do you like these female celebrities? Do you know any men that like them as well?