Dulce Tejeda of Dulce Candy just posted a YouTube video, "How To Color Block Like A Pro!"   It's a great guide on how to color block, which is defined nicely here:

Colour block fashion is one of the hottest new trends for the season. It combines the use of two or more blocks of colour in an ensemble. This could be for a top, bottom, tunic, a dress and even a handbag or shoes. Simply it means – creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color next to each other. It can include monotone, bright colours, muted colors, contrasting and complementary colors. Clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories can all feature color block designs or can make up different blocks of color to be put together for a color block outfit.

Color blocking can be daunting, as it requires a knowledge of how color works and how to combine them.  So Dulce's video focuses on talking viewers through three different outfits to show how color blocking works:

Do you use color blocking in your outfits?