I had great results with RapidLash, the eyelash growth serum, so I was excited to hear that RapidBrow is now on the market.

As a result of an excessive tweezing session when I was 14, my left eyebrow has always been sparser towards the end, in comparison to my right brow and I have to rely on penciling it in with MAC eye pencil in Stud. 

Apparently if I apply RapidBrow morning and night, after 60 days, I should see a 108% difference in the condition and appearance of my eyebrows.

A bit of additional info:

-RapidBrow is paraben and fragrance free
-Ophthalamologist & dermatologist tested
-Safe for contact lens wearers

Will this work? I dunno, I hope so! Expect an update in two months time.

Lovelies, have you tried RapidLash or RapidBrow? If not, would you give either type of product a try?

Guest post from Vex in the City