Last summer saw the rise of the brightly colored bottoms. Add that to a pattern-mixing trend in full swing — reinforced by the runways — and patterned jeans are a no-brainer this spring.

Now, I've talked about patterned pants, but spring leads to summer, and sweaty outdoor life + pressed pants = an uncomfortable mess. That's why patterned jeans are this spring's effortless go-to.

Divine Rights of Denim Leopard Skinny Jeans, $29.80 from Forever 21

Looking to ease into the trend? Not only will these jeans from Forever 21 not break the bank, they're constructed from familiar elements: blue like jeans, and leopard print.

MOTO Unicorn Print Skinny Jeans, $90.00 from Topshop

Yep, those are unicorns, and chances are you'll have some people ogling your pants in a good way while you're wearing them. They're like an homage to Lisa Frank without all the bonkers rainbows. Black and white goes with everything, and need I point out: unicorns go with everything.

Floral Print Skinny Jean, $71.62 from Asos

Nothing says spring like some floral jeans. These are a carry-over from last spring, but I — like many designers — am not ready to let them go just yet.

Motel Jordan Jeans Barocco Print, $93.11 from Asos

Not ready to fork over a small fortune on the latest Versace printed jeans? You can knock them off for a good bit less and still get that decadent-meets-eccentric luxury look with these babies.

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jean, $65.00 from Urban Outfitters

Beetlejuice? Is that you? These jeans are part jailbird and part highbrow fashionista, but they're all-awesome.

This just begins to scratch the surface of patterned jeans, so I encourage you to look around. My absolute favorite look is pairing patterned jeans with a colorful vintage tee, and feel free to clash. The warm seasons are all about being bright and having fun, so don't hesitate to be a little wacky.

Could you see yourself sporting patterned jeans this season? Do any of these do it for you? 

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