Of course we don't know Rihanna personally, but we here at Lovelyish do think she's pretty cool. That is, with the exception of that pesky thing that keeps popping up in association with her, that loud-mouthed Chris Brown. Lately his antics have lit up the Twittersphere (did I make that word up?), and while Rihanna can't seem to find her footing in the debate, most recently Brown's been catching heat from country singer Miranda Lambert

One on hand, Rihanna herself has been tweeting sort of cryptically in ways that lead us to believe she's on the road to forgiving Chris Brown. And, you know, I'm all about forgiveness and not letting one person's actions ruin your life, but I have a feeling, combined with their recent professional entanglings, that this isn't just an effort to move on by RiRi. I worry that a girl so pretty and seemingly confident might have found her Kryptonite in the form of this toxic character.

And if anyone shares my sentiments it's American country singer Miranda Lambert, who by the looks of it is pretty sick of Chris Brown's disrespectful behavior, too. Her tweets have made no bones about her condemnation of his character, and she's snarked back a few times at people trying to look past Brown's misdeeds.

This is a new level of offensive to me, much higher than the "There's no such thing as bad press" angle. I mean, I hate to compare him to Kanye, but there's a difference between stealing the spotlight and being outspoken for attention (which I don't necessarily hold in high regard), and remaining blatantly unapologetic in regards to personal trespasses like hurting a woman (or hurting anyone!). Brown shows no non-PR remorse, and he's getting very little punishment from the public, his fans making light of being beaten.

The media's focus on this issue should be one of empowerment. While holding a fan's sign that reads "Take Notes Chris Brown" Miranda says she's "been in a world of hurt from Chris Brown fans lately...but where [she] come[s] from beating up on a woman is never okay." I say kudos to her. I'm all about using fame for good.

What's your take on the continuing saga? Is it their business, or does his public image give license to this aggressive criticism?

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