Back in November, as part of weight loss motivation, I deactivated my Facebook and used it as a reward for reaching my first goal weight. It helped cut out A LOT of distractions and drama that I was constantly being dragged into. Now, I'm not going to lie. I love reading the occasional Facebook blast between other people and I love reading the drama - I don't like participating or creating, I just enjoy observing and seeing how truly ignorant some people can be. And it starts over the most petty things.

But recently, I've found that most of the drama and fighting has moved over to Twitter.

 The subtweet on Twitter has become the new blast-status on Facebook. If you don't use Twitter or you're new to it and aren't sure what "subtweet" means, a subtweet is a tweet directed at a particular person without actually mentioning them in it - much like a Facebook status directed at a person. I will be the first to say that back when I was tweeting about any and everything, I did have a bad habit of griping and complaining when friends pissed me off. I wouldn't put them on "blast" necessarily - I would just express distaste with the situation in an ambiguous way, but also in a way that the people involved knew I was talking about them. I have far from learned my lesson on that, however and I don't drag friendships or relationships onto Twitter anymore. But, it seems to me that more and more people are shying away from posting a status on Facebook when they're mad and flocking to Twitter so they can subtweet the person - more than likely because the person they're talking about isn't even on Twitter and they probably won't face the critical backlash from said person. Ever since reactivating my Facebook, I truly discovered how little I really do care for it. I always have it pulled up in a tab on my browser, but I never really read through it like I used to. 

All of my friends know about the trouble I got into with one of my best friends when I subtweeted him a couple of months back and they (should) all know by now that I don't do that anymore because I don't want anymore trouble with my friends and social networking sites are not the place to air out your dirty laundry. But, it seems like I can't tweet anything anymore without someone thinking it's about them. I'm not pointing out one person - I just mean in general. Someone always has something to say about what I tweet or someone is always getting mad at me for what I tweet, thinking it's about them or it's talking shit about them, when it's only a random thought of mine. I could honestly tweet, "Today sucks. I just need a friend right now." And there would be at least one person to speak up and say, "Oh, are you mad at me? Are you saying I'm not your friend?" and get catty with me over a completely generalized statement. 

Why are the people on Twitter so quick to stir up drama now? Is it a guilty conscience? Or do you think they're that insecure with their relationships?