We all know Kim Kardashian and love to hate the chick. We also know she's got a thing for athletes and doesn't have the best track record with her relationships. See: ex-boyfriends Reggie Bush and Miles Austin and ex-husband Kris Humphries. Although she's recently told the media that she's looking for a fresh start, it appears that Kim is doing quite the opposite and allegedly visiting the past for some comfort. And she may be finding it in the arms of Reggie. 

The two were spotted eating lunch at a the Beverly Hills Hotel, sparking rumors that the alleged date was the start of a new beginning for the former couple. [via TMZ] Personally, it would take more than just a meal between two people for me to think that something more is going on, but this is Kim Kardashian we're talking about. The rumors were taken a step further when her sister Khloe talked to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show and told listeners she has always loved 'The bush and the tush.' Gotta love Khloe. Although she didn't confirm that a reconciliation did happen, she did give us a great reference for the duo should they become a couple again. [via E! Online]

With that said, after the interesting turn of events in Kim's recent past, it's kind of understandable to want to go back to something you were once upon a time certain of. But obviously not too certain' they did break up after all. So what gives? Was it just a casual meal? Coincidence? Or is love back in the air?

Let's hear your verdict? Smart move on Kim's part? Is reconciling with an ex a good thing? Or are we just sick of Kim and her drama?