When Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died, there was an outpouring of grief from the public.  These two entertainers were pop icons of their generations in a way that’s hard to imagine today.  When Michael and Whitney were at the height of their fame, most people watched four television channels.  Reality TV and YouTube didn’t exist.  Entertainment had yet to fracture the world into 1,000 cable channels and millions of Facebook groups.  Everyone watched the same TV shows and listened to the same music.

That got us at Lovelyish thinking: do entertainers or celebrities today have that same hold over the country?  To address that question, we’ve pulled together a gallery of the top artists of the past decade. To get the conversation started, we thought we’d start with the Top Artists of the past Decade according to Billboard (please add more artists in the comments!). 

* Eminem
* Usher
* Nelly
* Beyonce
* Alicia Keys
* 50 Cent
* Nickelback
* Britney Spears
* Jay-Z

There are other top entertainers not on Billboard’s list, like Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Madonna.  Obviously, not all of these artists will stand the test of time (except for Nickelback, of course).  But putting them aside, which artists do you think are a true cultural icon?  Or to put it another way: are there any modern artists that our country will mourn the way that we’ve mourned Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston?

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