For fans of the CBS drama Criminal Minds, chances are you are just coming to terms with the fact that Paget Brewster who plays S.S.A. Emily Prentiss is back. For those of you who don't watch but did watch Friends, Paget played Kathy and was the reason Chandler spent an entire episode in a box. It's okay though, Joey's reasons were three-fold. Either way, after she was done testing friendships, she spent the last six years using her skills to get inside the heads of serial killers on the prime-time drama. But at the end of this season, she'll officially hand in her badge.

That's right, after a temporary exit last year and a return to the B.A.U, Prentiss will be leaving us once again, but this time for good. While they were able to write her out for part of last season after an intriguing and emotional arc for her character, she eventually came back and left members of her team and fans everywhere trying to process what had happened. We did think she was dead after all! Well just as the wounds are finally healing, it turns out we're going to have to go through it all again. She's confirmed that the end of this season will be her last. She may want to use those behavioral analysis skills on herself. She's killing me with all these mind games! [via E! Online]

Paget released a statement confirming her exit from the show, saying that she'd miss her Criminal Minds family but is looking forward to the future and exploring new opportunities. While she will be truly missed on my TV screen wearing an FBI bullet proof vest, I'm happy she's following her heart and am really curious to see how they will write her off this time. Seriously, we already attending one of her funerals. Will there be another?

How do you guys feel about this? Will you miss Prentiss? Any favorite moments? How do you think she should be written off?