I decided to get a little festive for Valentine's day with a bright red pencil skirt and black top. I went to work feeling sassy, and cheerfully expected my fellow employees to be rocking similar duds. But my fashion hopes were destroyed when I arrived to find all three women in black. Head-to-toe. No, they weren't in mourning, or rebelling against the holiday. "I really only wear black," one of them shrugged. I, however, am definitely not cool enough to constantly wear black (she totally is), and combining colors makes my wardrobe go 'round. Here are a few of my favorite hue marriages!

1. Coral and navy. This is a nicely preppy combination, and one you don't see often. I like to pair a coral top with a navy pencil skirt.

2. Orange and light blue. For an outfit that says "spring" without being too saccharine, pair an orange dress with some light blue accessories, like the lovely lady above.

3. Red, black and white. This combo is great because it can be either vampy or mod, depending on the pieces you wear. I like to put on that red pencil skirt and a black blouse with chunky white jewelry.

4. Purple, gold and teal. For a more earthy, boho look, pair a teal dress with a gold cardigan and purple shoes.

5. Red and gold. This look screams "Anthropologie model" to me, and I always feel ultra-chic in it. The girl in the photo has it nailed perfectly, and the pop of red from her earrings really completes the her outfit!

While I have gone through phases where I try to look cool in all black, the lure of mixing and matching colors always draws me away. The right hue combination can make a massive fashion statement, and playing matchmaker with items in my closet is always fun.

What are your favorite color combinations?

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