Marc by Marc Jacobs, a line usually known for whimsical prints and striking outfits, played things safe with its Fall 2012 line. Dark colors, prim skirts and heavy jackets abound, giving the collection an almost somber feel. But who ever said that looking serious is a bad thing? In this case, it certainly isn't. Most of the pieces have the modest-like feel of '80s fashion, some with a bit of Edwardian flare thrown in. Check a handful of them out after the cut!

I love the subtle and intricate black-on-black design in the lead dress, which is my personal favorite. As for the rest of the collection, I honestly expect negative initial reactions. But it feels as if Jacobs just did his layering wrong, and if you examine the skirts, tops and jackets as individual pieces, I think they stand out in a good way. I especially think this fuzzy, vintage-inspired coat (whose style usually would hold no appeal for me) could have been a disaster. But with the white belt, big buttons and bulky color, it's also one of my favorite pieces.

What do you think about the collection? What's your favorite item from it?