William-Aldolphe Bouguereau, The Birth of Venus

Brace yourselves: There was once a time when women's bodies were objectified for their curves. Okay, pick your jaws up off the ground. Vogue is still going to airbrush abs on anyone they publish, and the only place you're going to see a large-chested woman is in a men's magazine.  But these doctored paintings are actually a little jarring. 

Francesco Hayez, Venus

While, sure, Kate Winslet gets some attention for being outraged at someone slimming her thighs and waist for a magazine cover, we're still pretty used to unrealistically thin and smooth people in ads and fashion spreads. I was surprised at how, even with my trained (read: brainwashed) eye, the ladies in these paintings look unnervingly sick. Maybe they should have given them a spray tan for good measure...kidding. But while I think the artist of these images might have just been goofing around, my art historian spidey-senses won't let me believe there wasn't an overarching social commentary at work here.

Regardless, these images are for all intents and purposes NSFW so don't leave them up on your desktop at work, but isn't it funny that they're only cheeky with their artistically flattened abs and pinched waists? Before that, they're just art. [via Jezebel]

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