Music is a great outlet for the feelings you have (pain, betrayal, sadness) when you are going through a breakup. Songs have the power to somehow perfectly define how you are feeling in your darkest break-up moments. Here are some songs from the 1990's that have defined and helped me through my break-up moments! 

1. Crush, "Jellyhead" (1996) Who doesn't want to dance to an upbeat dance tune that mocks your ex by referring to him/her as a 'Jellyhead'? "Boyfriend you're alone/You must be out of your mind/Jellyhead, you've really blown it!" 

2. Jewel, "Who Will Save Your Soul?" (1996) A lyrically powerful song, driven by folk-y acoustics, Jewel questions "Who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy?/Who will save your soul if you won't save your own?"

3. Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn" (1997) If you are feeling disillusioned and lost after a break up, this is the song for you. The Australian singer-songwriter wrote a song that reveals the not-so-perfect reality of her relationship. She is realizing that the man she had created in her mind, is not the man she is dating. "Nothin's right I'm torn/I'm all out of faith/This is how I feel/I'm cold and I am shamed/Lying naked on the floor/Illusion never changed/Into something real."

4. Ace of Base, "The Sign" (1993) A Swedish dance-pop song about seeing "the sign" that something is not right in a relationship. The beat is great and the lyrics are pretty hysterical if you need a funny break up song to cheer you up.

5. Lisa Loeb, "Stay" (1994) This is a great song about feeling used and emotionally drained in a relationship. Her relatable lyrics reveal her struggle to leave her toxic relationship. "You said that I was naive/And I thought that I was strong. I thought, "hey, I can leave, I can leave."/Oh but now I know that I was wrong, 'cause I missed you."

6. Third Eye Blind, "Deep Inside of You" (1999) This by far my favorite. It is the perfect mix of sadness and memories. The song is recalling the good times "deep inside" a relationship, and the pain that comes with that deepness. "And I don't want to call you/But then I want to call you/''cause I don't want to crush you/But I feel like crushing you, and it's true/I took for granted you were with me/I breathe by your looks and you look right through me/But we were broke and didn't know." Who has not struggled with the feeling "I don't want to call you, but then I want to call you"?

7. U2, "One"(1991) This classic break up tune has been acclaimed as one of the greatest songs of all time, and for good a reason. Its powerful lyrics reveal a strong connection to another, as if two have become one. But this deep connection is doomed because of shared mindset. "Too late Tonight/To drag the past out into the light/We're one, but we're not the same/We get to /Carry each other/Carry each other"

8. Everclear, "So Much For The Afterglow" (1997) This rocking song is recalling a past love that did not work out. It is revealed in the first line "This is a song about Susan". It is about how a relationship went from bliss to trash: We never talk about the future, yeah/We never talk about the past anymore/We never ask ourselves the questions/To the answers that nobody even wants to know/I guess the honeymoon is over."

9. Matchbox 20, "Long Day" (1997) This song is perfect for those who are to blame for the demise of a relationship. In the song, he is taking full responsibility for being immature and a liar. "I'm sorry 'bout the attitude/I need to give when I'm with you/But no one else would take this shit from me/And I'm so/Terrified of no one else but me/I'm here all the time/I won't go away."

10. Counting Crows, "Long December" (1996) A piano ballad that encompasses both sadness and hope? Count me in! "The feeling that its all a lot of oyster, but no pearl"- we've all been there. 

Lovelies, what songs do you listen to when going through a breakup? Do you have any nostalgic songs you turn to?