From Arnold and Maria to Russell and Katy, we've seen a good number of celebrity couples split within the past year. While some of these separations weren't huge shockers (looking at you, Kim and Kris), others recieved no end of surprise and speculation (Heidi and Seal). With all these relationship disintegrating around us, the world of love may be looking a bit bleak this Valentine's Day. So let's have a look at some long-term couples still to be found in Hollywood. Hopefully this doesn't jinx any of them. Check out the gallery after the cut!

I had no idea that some of these couples had been around for so long! I'd have to say that Bowie and Iman are my favorite of the batch, though I was surprised that I thought SJP and Broderick are pretty adorable together. [via Buzzfeed]

Do you have any more names for the list? Who is your favorite long-term Hollywood couple?