I would like to start by saying that I'm not a big fan of animal print. But I also think that if it's worn in the appropriate occasion, it can look great.

Mostly, when worn casually, it can make you look almost desperate for attention you might as well say "Hey! Look at me! Check me out!". It's like this one time I was in a recital, and if I remember correctly, there was this girl that was wearing a short cheetah print dress that made her looked like she was going to pounce on someone at any given moment. Funny thing is that she was the only girl that was wearing that kind of dress, the rest of us were wearing solid colors that gave an air of elegance. Of course, when you're singing in a recital, it's not a good idea to wear something that will distract the audience, instead of listening to what you're singing, they'll be focused on the animal print.


The girl's dress had almost this same style, only with cheetah print instead of tiger. Please never wear animal print if you're going to sing in a recital...it's distracting.

 Then there was the gala recital. Gala...meaning that you must wear a long dress NOT short and it must be elegant. Another girl that was singing in the gala recital was wearing an animal print long dress that looked similar to this one:

No please!

 Ladies please, don't wear animal print in a gala event. It just looks to distracting and it's not very elegant for that kind of event.

 I've said when it shouldn't be worn. Now I will say when it CAN be worn.

A dinner party in which you must dress formally, an animal printed cocktail dress can be easily welcomed:

 Or if you're getting dressed for a semi-formal or semi-casual event, these are good options:



Semi-formal or semi-casual


 As for me, I'm not up for animal prints. They're not my kind of style. However, there are a lot of girls that do wear it well, they just have to be careful of when to wear it.

What do you think about animal print clothing? Do you wear it? When do you wear it?